Wednesday, February 24, 2016

interpretation of the play

The above play/dialogue could also be about heterosexual people trying to convince gay people to be straight. It could be about patriarchy-adherents trying to convince feminists to change their mind. It could be about white people trying to convince everyone else to conform to white normativity. It could be about cis people trying to convince transgender & queer people to not be transgender & queer. It could be about Christians trying to convert people who are not Christians. It could be about westerners trying to force westernism on non-westerners. It could be about American Dream adherents trying to convince artist-anarchists that they are wrong. It could be about capitalists trying to convince artist-anarchist-lovers to conform to capitalism.

In my case, it's about wanting to love the people I love, in the way I do actually love them. (Which relates to all of the above, but isn't exactly reducible to it, in my case.) I want to be accepted and celebrated as I am, and I do not want to have to hustle for that acceptance.