Friday, May 22, 2015


I recommend the South African movie, "Skin." It's a true story about a girl who was born to white (Afrikaan) parents, but her appearance was "colored" (which is a racial designation in South Africa). It's really worth seeing.

Friday, May 8, 2015

new recommendation: GO THERE NOW.

I just discovered this awesome website/magazine. It's called The Riveter Magazine: Riveting Storytelling by Women. It's longform journalism by women. This is awesome. Go there now.

my current companion. ella, the cat.

Ella the Cat's primary expression of affection is punching me with her little paws. She also likes to bite. It's awesome.

A resource for when you're feeling really down

This is a resource for when you're feeling really down, but can't figure out why. Obviously, there are many concrete reasons all of us feel low, and many of those reasons can't be solved with exercise or a glass of water. But, sometimes we're forgetting to do some basic things that could really make us feel better. So, I wanted to share this, and to thank my friend Buffy for posting it.