Monday, March 23, 2015

the house where i'm staying now

This is the house where I'm staying now. It was built in 1941 and much of the house hasn't been modified since then, like these wonderful kitchen cabinets. There must be something about this particular era of homes built in Alaska because I feel very at-home in this place. It reminds me of my grandparents' house on Bear Island, and I wonder if that was maybe built around the same time? 
Here's the stove, which probably isn't the original, but it sort of feels that way to me. It's propane, the kind you have to light every time you use a burner. 

Here's the livingroom. Back behind the couch, you see a row of didgeridoos. The owner of this home has a strong connection with Australia (I don't know what the connection is since I'm not acquainted with him yet....since he's in Australia) and the house is full of books about koalas and kangeroos, didgeridoos, maps of Australia, etc.

The view from the livingroom window in rain.

The view from the livingroom window in snow.

Here's the shelf beside the bed I'm sleeping in. The room where I'm sleeping is upstairs and faces a mountain. When I say "faces a mountain" I mean that this house is built right on the side of that mountain. Mt. Verstovia, in fact. Bears wander into the yard here on a regular basis, though at the moment they're mostly still in hibernation. 

View from the livingroom in sun.

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