Tuesday, January 6, 2015

tamie's guide to whether you are old or not

It has recently come to my attention that some people my age think of themselves as "middle-aged." This is incorrect. I'm sorry that such people have been so mis-informed. In order to correct such mistakes, I offer below my Guide to Your Age

Guide to Your Age

Ages 0-13: Child
Ages 14-17: Teenager
Ages 18-19: Technically an adult
Ages 20-23: Very young adult
Ages 24-29: Young adult
Ages 30-33: Mid-age Young Adult
Ages 34-40: Older young adult
Ages 41-47: Young middle-age
Ages 48-53: Middle age
Ages 54-59: Older middle age
Ages 60-70: Younger old person
Ages 70-80: Middle oldness
Ages 80-90: Oldness
Ages 90-100: If you ain't wise, it's hopeless by now
Ages 100+: Hella old


  1. Well from a mathematical standpoint, they're not far off, though perhaps pessimistic.

  2. True. Although, it depends on whether "middle-age" refers to the middle of your whole life or the middle of your adulthood.

  3. I'm accustomed to thinking of whichever period I'm in as The Power Years. That works for me:)

  4. You just made me laugh out loud for a long time.