Wednesday, December 3, 2014

something to read

I'm in Chicago now. It's nice here. Especially when you're staying in the lovely home of Web and Jonnie. I'm blessed.

Today I read something that was helpful to me. It's titled "How to Tell a White Person They Are Being Racist." I had googled "what to say when someone says something racist" because it's an experience I'm having a lot lately, since the verdict involving Michael Brown's shooter. I think some of you may be having similar conversations. A particularly frustrating experience is when white people get angry at the mere suggestion that you might be saying something they did or said was racist. They aren't upset at racism, they aren't upset that black men are shot at an astronomical rate, they aren't grieved that Michael Brown died. Nope. They are upset that someone could be suggesting that something they did or said might come across as racist. This article deals with that issue.

It also says straight-up that the burden of pointing out racism shouldn't be on people of color. The burden should be on white people to take it upon themselves to try to root out their own racism. And it says: the burden shouldn't be on women to point out when men are being sexist. The burden should be on men to do their homework, examine their hearts, and fucking change. It's the very definition of privilege for men or white people to march around assuming everything is groovy, until someone points out otherwise. (And then, of course, get upset that someone has accused them of not being 100% Awesome.) I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely sick I am of men who act like that, and I can only assume that people of color feel the same way about people of my skin color.

So here is the link to the article:

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