Friday, December 19, 2014

small update + recommendations of the day

Sorry I haven't been writing much about myself and my life lately. I've been traveling a lot and somewhere along the way I got overwhelmed by the thought of writing up everything that's been happening. This week, for example, I drove from southeastern Virginia, where I'm visiting my mom and step-dad, to western Maryland for parts of three days, to visit a former teacher of mine and her husband. Along the way I also visited the author whose book I'm editing; he lives in Michigan but was in Virginia for a little while and so we had lunch along with his wife and baby. The point being: there is a lot happening in my travels, and it's great, or most of it is great, but it's a wee bit intimidating to think of writing it all out!

Between now and January 11, I'll be here in Michigan with my parents. So maybe I'll have time & energy to backtrack & post photos of where I've been & reflect on what it's like to visit with such a diversity of people in such a diversity of places over a small span of time.

Meanwhile, I've been catching up on Ta-Nehisi Coates' articles over at The Atlantic. He's one of the writers I most trust these days. It's a rather new thing for me to follow individual writers at magazines, rather than just thinking of all the writers at a magazine as the voice of the magazine. (Like, when I read The New Yorker I tend to think of it all as New Yorker writing, rather than distinguishing between writers. But I'm starting to do that more and more--read the writers, rather than the magazines. If that makes sense.)

Ta-Nehisi Coates has written maybe the best article on the response to Ferguson that I've read so far, and I recommend it highly:

And then he also wrote about how he believes that Bill Cosby is a rapist, and has believed this for quite a long time. It's an amazing article, both because he (Coates) admits his own cowardice in the past, and because he's coming right out and saying point-blank that he believes Cosby is a rapist but that the American society doesn't have the guts/courage to really believe that and see it and remember it. Again, I highly recommend this read:

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