Tuesday, December 23, 2014

richmond family

On Sunday my Mom and I drove with her first cousin, Marilyn, to the city of Richmond, Virginia, which is where my Grandma (my mom's mom) was born & raised. We met up with my Great Aunt Rose, who was my grandma's younger brother Edmund's wife. I am sorry to report that Edmund died young and unexpectedly. But the family has always kept in touch with Aunt Rose. This was the first time I'd met her! We also met up with Tom. I'll say more about him in a sec. For now, here we are, L to R:

Me, Mom, Great Aunt Rose, Marilyn, Tom

So, my Grandma's older brother, Thomas Jefferson III, had three children, and Marilyn and Tom are two of those children.

Confused yet?

(Also, it was only that day that I found out that my great-grandfather was named Thomas Jefferson II. !!!!!  And my grandmother name is Virginia. So, it seems that some seriously patriotism is in my family line.

Also, I discovered that our ancestor, Symon Ogburn, came to Virginia from England in the mid 1600s, and that it's only been 10 generations from him to me, because a number of his descendants had children in later life--which stretched out the generations. How crazy is that? Only ten generations from Symon to me. I hope so much that none of my ancestors had slaves. I'm afraid to find out one way or the other, but I suppose I should.

And that is what I have to say about that! (P.S. Marilyn is an engineer at NASA. How cool is that?)
We visited Tom at his home, along with his wife (who's standing in front of him) and their daughter, Becky (center). I enjoyed being with them very much. And Becky even gave me a pair of cool Christmas ears like hers!

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