Friday, November 21, 2014

warmth feels so good after cold

I'm in San Diego now. Here's photos taken from the roof of where my brother & I are staying (an Airbnb place).

My brother being his silly deadpan self. Look at the incredible sky behind him. And the sweet roof that we have access to!

This is across the street from us. I really love funky architecture.
That building with the dome is the public library, just a block from where we are staying! So cool.

I'm here because my brother & dad are here at a conference, so I thought I'd just come hang out with them since I so rarely get to see them. We're here for six days...

I'm also going to do some work here....I got a new job! More about that in the next post. :)


  1. I love seeing where you are--your photos, which are so interesting and specific, make me want to take photos of my own neighborhood as if I wanted to show someone what it's like: this is the tiny park near my house; this is the snooty bike shop; this is the funky bike shop; this is the vegan coffee shop I didn't think would make it that has lines out the door every weekend. Etc.

  2. Glad to see pics, Tam!

    The warmth, the colors, and that architecture. They are so, so different from my neighborhoods. Wow. Everything is condensed into tiny spaces.