Monday, November 17, 2014

photos of my visit thus far

 This is the view out of Lori's folks' home. !! :)  I don't know if those specific mountains are the mountains of Glacier National Park, but they're close. The rest of these photos are of us just hanging out at the homestead today, and I should offer a mild trigger warning because there is a photo of some taxidermied deer & elk on the wall at the home.

This is Lori reading to her two oldest kids + her nephew (Bennett, who is Rachel's son, for those of you who know Rach)


Bennett + Zoralee

Ziah + Lori


  1. I really wish I could see that view for real. It is amazing.

    Also, I love seeing photos of Lori and her adorable babes.

    Thanks for posting these:)

  2. You *could* see this view for real! Just book a ticket to Whitefish! (Or actually, to Kalispel.)

    Yeah, her babes are ridiculously cute.