Friday, November 14, 2014

north dakota, now in the rear view mirror

 I write this post from Havre, Montana. Havre is pronounced "Have her." So, the local joke (or at least, the one Lori's told me) is, "Have her? I barely know her!" I don't know a single thing about Havre except that on this day it is damn cold here. Negative four degrees. Lori and I are on our way to Whitefish, Montana, with the kiddos & the dog.

I thought I'd post a few more pictures of North Dakota before we get too far away from that fair state. The above photo is the cozy camper I lived in the last week at Lori & Jason's place. My cocoon.

 And here we have Lori and me, using the table saw (or, prairie saw in this case) to cut insulation. Jason & Lori are remodeling the upstairs of their house. And I helped them with that.

 See Lori's hand in the foreground, showing perspective?

 Their driveway. And the entire state of North Dakota there in the distance.

Here's the winterized chicken coop.

I really, really should've taken more photos. I'll maybe post some more from when I was there last year.

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