Thursday, November 6, 2014

kate in oakland...

This is my friend Kate! I love this photo of her! Look how smiley she is. We've had such a nice time together here in Oakland the last few days. Look at her therapist-type chair (right side of the photo), which we've switched turns in. Not being therapists to each other mind you, but just being comfortable. Her couch is comfortable too. Her apartment is cozy, in a light-filled California way. I'm so grateful for Kate's friendship, and for knowing that her friendship will be with me for years to come, no matter where in the world we both are.

Plus, she makes a mean split-pea soup.
Plus, she knows the Enneagram.
Plus, she's a courageous and large-spirited person.
How incredibly fortunate I am, to have her in my life.

In about an hour, I make my way to San Francisco, and take a plane to North Dakota.

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  1. God bless your continued travels. so glad you have good friends!