Monday, October 13, 2014

weekend in sitka

This past weekend here in ol' Sitka, I went on a three-hour cruise! It was a fundraiser put on by one of the hospitals in town, raising money for local women who don't have insurance and need mammograms and other breast cancer preventing medical stuff. A local boat company donated the 3-hour cruise, and a bunch of local people donated deserts, and then all during the cruise there was bidding on the deserts. The top one went for $400! Pretty darn cool thing--a community supporting the women in town without insurance.

Here are photos I took on the cruise:

Alaska is on a scale that is hard to comprehend if you've only ever seen the Lower 48. Certainly, Canadians could relate more to the scale here. The tininess of humans in relationship to the land is part of what makes it so appealing to me to be here.

And here, as a bonus, is my favorite sign in town:

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  1. That cruise looks amazing. I love the bear sign :)