Friday, October 31, 2014

two recommendations + a very brief update

It is raining in Sitka, harder than it's rained in a while. It's 11:47 a.m. and you could tell me it was 6 p.m. with the sunset four minutes away and I'd believe you. It's that dark.

There are four journals I'd like to recommend to all of you. The first is called Consequence, a journal dedicated entirely to addressing the consequences of armed conflict.

The second is The Bellingham Review, which advertises itself as "Literature of Palpable Quality." You can read the whole current issue online. Beautiful paintings accompany the pieces.

Thirdly, I recommend the current issue of the The Baltimore Review, because I am published in it.

Fourthly, a lovely small art company in Minnesota makes extremely short movies out of poems. They are wonderful to watch. The website is, and one I picked for you all to watch is "Having Merely Intended to Pick on an Oil Company, the Poem Goes Awry."

Lastly, here is my very brief update. On Monday I'm leaving Sitka and flying to San Francisco. After a few day there I will be going, in chronological order, to North Dakota, Montana, LA, Chicago, Indiana, Virginia, and Maryland. And then I'll return to Sitka.


  1. now that's a lot of travel! traveling mercies! and Yay about the publication! (would love to see it/hear about it!)


    Now I feel bad because we could have stored your stuff. But please come and visit us while you're here? We will feed you yummy food.

  3. Congratulations on the piece in the Baltimore Review! I love the phrase "the hurting slant of the hillside." Also "We take it, but that does not mean we are resigned." So much is packed into this short piece--fishing, empathy, family history, fear, pain, resilience.

  4. Will you be spending much time in NoDak?

  5. Thanks for reading my Baltimore Review piece, Kate!

  6. Andrea--actually, I'm probably going to keep some of my stuff in storage, so don't feel bad. :) I'll text ya about a git togetha.

  7. I love that piece. So glad to see it published :)