Thursday, September 18, 2014

you can do better than facebook

Let's say you're bored and you're mindlessly clicking your way around the almighty World Wide Web. Where do you go first? Probably Facebook. Or Pinterest or Twitter or something. Dear comrades, I do not mean to offend, but you can do better than that! You may be lonely and bored but you do not have to settle for mass web consumption any more than you have to settle for McDonald's if you're hungry. Your pal Tamie is here, at your service, to help.

You all know by now that what I really think you should do is drink a hot cup of tea and stare out the window. Or go on a slow walk. Or call up a friend. But sometimes you can't, or you won't, and I understand. For all my high falutin' ideals, I spend a whole lot of time on the almighty Web too. So, for all those hours and days when you can't pull yourself away from the computer, but you think you might break your computer if you have to look at one more soul-crunching Facebook photo, I'm going to start making recommendations for where to go instead.

Recommendation of the Day: Meanjin. Meanjin is a journal based in Melbourne, Australia, and it's full of wonderful writing. Really--wonderful writing. Not pretentious writing. Not Writing Using Big Words. Not Writing Getting Off On Itself. Just writing that's nice to read, sometimes even moving and profound to read. Some of it is academic, some of it is artistic, some of it is really down-home, out-on-the-Australian-range. There's writing about spray tans, mental illness, touch, faith, children using weapons as toys, and the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Also, fiction and poetry. And, some great photos!

Meanjin will keep you busy for hours, nay probably even days. So go. Immerse. Learn. Gorge. And then, comrades, really: turn off your computers, drink tea, take a good long time and stare out the window.


  1. Pinterest is pretty awesome. For a time sucking digital entity. But Facebook is not. I'm off Facebook for now. and I love it. Looooooooove it. I always hated it but in recent years have found it sucking me in. I took the app off my phone; that was the key element.
    See part of why I used to go on there was to withdraw and have a few minutes of introverted time to get away from the social demands that surround me. But FB is extroverted, so though it's not really connecting with people, it's also not really withdrawing from them, either. So.

    Looks like the teacher strike is over and my kids go back to school on Monday. So I have a decision to make about Facebook.

  2. (Pinterest is crack for visual artists. CRAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!)

  3. Also: food. Pinterest is amazing for food. The dinner I made tonight was from Pinterest ;)
    Sundried tomato meatballs on rice. With breaded fried cauliflower and zucchini. I don't even like cauliflower and yet it was awesome. Although the veggies were a recipe I made up in my head. But the meatballs were not!!!!! They were so good.