Saturday, September 27, 2014

weather forecast in sitka

Last night, listening to the radio station in Sitka (the radio station--the one), I was extremely amused by the weather, which was the following, no exaggeration (Kake, Angoon, & Port Alexander are "nearby" communities)--

Sitka, Friday night--rain and wind
Sitka, Saturday morning--rain and wind
Sitka, Saturday night--rain and wind
Sitka, Sunday morning--rain and wind

Angoon, Friday night--rain and wind
Angoon, Saturday morning--rain and wind
Angoon, Saturday night--rain and wind
Angoon, Sunday morning--rain and wind

Kake, Friday night--rain and wind
Kake, Saturday morning--rain and wind
Kake, Saturday night--rain and wind
Kake, Sunday morning--rain and wind

Port Alexander, Friday night--rain and wind
Port Alexander, Saturday morning--rain and wind
Port Alexander, Saturday night--rain and wind
Port Alexander, Sunday morning--rain and wind

The thing I thought was so great was that the announcer actually said out the entire forecast, even though he could've just said, "It'll be rainy and windy everywhere." 

What's even better was that just now as I was writing this, the exact same thing happened! Except that the forecaster included more places--Elfin Cove, Tenake Springs, Yakitat. All rain and wind. 

(By the way, those places are all very sparsely populated. Sitka is a town, and I think that Port Alexander has about 50 people in it. Everywhere else is even smaller than that. For a number of folks in those tiny places, the radio is their only means of communication. They don't have phones. I suppose they probably do have VHF.)


  1. Also, your remoteness sounds so familiar; we have one radio station, which we share among three towns and countless other tiny communities. Many of the communities we serve through my job have 50 or less people in it. One place we flew to has 12 permanent residents. As someone who has lived in a very urban/metro setting, it can be astonishing how off the grid some people live. How a phone could be something you cannot have access to. How internet access is limited. How life goes on, somehow, without these items.

  2. Obviously if I lived there I'd need some new outdoor duds. And possibly contacts. I have a theory that wearing glasses is what makes me not like being in the rain--I can't see! And blinking makes no difference!

  3. Mel--it's cool that we're living in such similar settings, I think. I get the sense that Sitka's smaller than P.M., but maybe not? What's the pop there again?

    Oh cool--right as I'm writing this it's sleeting AND there's a rainbow.

    Kate, yep, you'd need new outdoor duds. And contacts. I'm beginning to understand why you don't much like winter/cold, if you've always worn glasses in it and never had warm enough clothes! As an alternative to contacts, you could get glasses with windshield wipers.