Monday, September 1, 2014

the man who is walking across the world in 7 years

Comrades, I have 10 days left in Berkeley. Then I will sail--and by sail I mean fly--to Alaska. I'll be there until November for certain; after that, well, time will tell.

Meanwhile, I want to tell you about the man who is walking across the world in 7 years. He's a National Geographic Fellow, and his name is Paul Salopek. He started in Ethiopia--where humans (or hominids) probably first started--and he's following the migration routes that people took as they branched out, discovering new land. He started walking in January, from Ethiopia to Djibouti to Saudi Arabia to Jordan to Israel/Palestine and he's now in Cypress. The end of his journey, seven years from when he started, will be the southern tip of South America.

Paul Salopek's career was in journalism--all over the world, covering wars and environmental crises and economic disasters. That was quick journalism; he was there to get the story and meet deadline. Now he's doing slow journalism, stopping for long stretches to talk to people, meander around cities, listen carefully. He's blogging along the way, and he has a photographer with him, and they're doing other things too, digital things, like making virtual maps of Jerusalem.

As someone who's deeply interested in walking, reading Paul Salopek's words and hearing him talk--etc.--is a pleasure. If you're interested too, then click this link:

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