Friday, September 19, 2014

recommendation of the day + i'm not actually dissing pinterest

I'm not actually dissing Pinterest, my cronies (I'm going to start calling you all cronies, instead of comrades)....I was just trying to be funny or clever or something in my quest to recommend some websites to y'all. Read recipes on Pinterest! Have political discussions on Facebook! Tweet on Twitter! I'm all for it. I trust y'all to know what you're doing on these here interwebs.

If you get tired of the usual venues, try Autostraddle, a website I found just this very day in my search for places to publish. It's for and by and about queer/trans/gay/genderqueer culture and people. It's also for everyone else. There's news about Alison Bechdel winning the MacArthur Fellowship (have y'all heard of the Bechdel Test? I was just talking over dinner about it tonight with a friend). There's news about legislation affecting LGBTQ folks, and the new campaign--led by Obama--against sexual assault. There's news about a new Thai teen drama. And so on and so forth.

I'm not saying it's better than Facebook. But it might be.


  1. I really liked Meanjin. I wish I had a site that cool. My blog which is not really a blog but more of a journal remain stagnant because it just doesn't excite me the format is boring the subjects are boring the visuals are nonexistent and it's just blah blah blah ad nausuem but if it looked cool, if it had some jazz, if it had some snazz, it might inspire me a little. Meanjin is that kind of site. Thanks for turning up the spotlight on my feelings of failure. Way to go.


  2. Maybe you should redesign your blog!!!!!