Tuesday, September 30, 2014

instructions for writers

This is by Jane Kenyon. Instructions for writers. Probably the best writing instructions I've yet found.

Be a good steward to your gifts. 
Protect your time.
Feed your inner life.
Avoid too much noise.
Read good books, have good sentences in your ears.
Be by yourself as often as you can. 
Take the phone off the hook. [These days: Disable the internet.]
Work regular hours. 

And you know what I like so much about this list? It's completely non-sexy. It doesn't have some pumped-up vibe, some, "You can do this! Go out and write! Believe in yourself! Seize the day!!!" vibe. Or a "You go, girl" vibe. No. Nothing like that. It is just simply writing advice for people of a particular temperament, who are serious about writing. And it is writing advice that, if you follow it, and you are serious about writing--it will work.

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