Wednesday, September 17, 2014

i had a day that will make y'all jealous

If my description of my day today doesn't make you jealous either A. you have reached enlightenment or B. you're not paying attention. There is no middle ground here.

I started off my morning eating oatmeal with nectarines cooked into it. Which, I mean, that alone should make you jealous. Organic oatmeal, organic nectarines, in a warm, cozy house in Alaska. On a sunny day, the first sunny day in a week. There I sat, scooping up my oatmeal, and I was thinking to myself, "I wish so much that I could go out on the water today." I sighingly pondered how much I wanted to go out on the water, and how impossible that is because it's a work day and so everyone is working, plus it's I just got here and I don't really know anyone well enough to borrow a boat....and how that is a bummer because so much of what I like about Alaska is being on the water....

And at that very moment Peter texted me saying, "Do you want to go kayaking today?"

Peter is the current director of the Island Institute (which hosted me as a writer-in-residence back in April). I got to know him a little bit back in April...

And so then, my friends, this happened:

And it was as wonderful as it looks and more.

After that, I had lunch.

After that, I got to pick up Dipika Guha, who is the current writer-in-residence the Island Institute, and show her around town! Dipika just got here yesterday; she's a playwright is will be living here in Sitka for two months, teaching playwriting workshops and working on her own plays. It's wonderful to meet a new friend, and to be familiar enough with Sitka to show someone else around who's fresh to town and still feeling disoriented. I'm sure looking forward to learning from her!

After that, I had dinner. Mac & cheese, if you must know.

After that, I went to a writing group--hosted on a boat! No lie, friends, no lie.

And now I am home and I just ate some ice cream.

See what I mean? Jealous?


  1. Nice job, you actually did succeed on making me jealous a little bit. My day yesterday pretty much sucked LOL. And compared to your day… well, there are no words ha ha well… maybe there are words ;-)

    I'm glad you made a friend. It's always nice to make friends. I'm usually pretty good at it, probably for the same reasons that you are good at it as well: being a stranger in a strange land teaches you that there's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to putting yourself out there and just saying, "hey, are you busy tomorrow… do you want to [blank]?"

    After that, you just have to keep adding kindling to the small fire you started :-)

  2. I think you're really right. You and I both know from living in other places that making friends with strangers is usually a pretty easy thing. Not always--some cultures are weird--but often. It's certainly the case in Alaska that hospitality is the norm.

    Thanks for keeping up with me on here! XOXO.

  3. Ohhhhhh.... I didn't really take the jealousy thing seriously but omfg am I ever JELLASSSSSS right now!!!! And happy that you had such a beautiful day. Xoxo

  4. I must admit I had the jealousy response too. And I don't even like kayaking! Maybe I've just not had the right view before...?