Friday, August 22, 2014

thanks, ma

I reposted the last post in a better color. Thanks, Ma, for letting me know.

So, who the heck is reading this blog? I have no idea! That's alright, I s'pose.

Here's my brief update, and then more soon: I'm leaving the Bay in 20 days. I'm going to do some drifting around, some pondering, some writing, some visiting....and then we'll see where I end up. I'll be in Flagstaff for a good stretch this winter; come visit me there!

Something has become clear to me as of late. I probably function best if I live alone. It could be a tiny house in a community of a whole bunch of other houses--in other words, I really really like community--but having a living place that is entirely mine works best with my innards, I think.

That's my brief update. And yep, more soon.

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  1. I am reading your blog. Hello, it has been a long time! It is good to read your writing, it has always resonated with me and made me think. Hope you are well. Kelly Erdman.