Wednesday, July 2, 2014

california woman, at least in scraps

I don't feel like a California girl, at all. Not even like a California woman. But maybe when I go elsewhere I'll realize that's what I am after all.

This is a photo that my friend Rick took a few months ago, when we went to Stinson Beach, just south of Point Reyes, together.

This is the kind of beach that I love. Rough, loud surf. Rocks. When I say, "I live in California and I like to go to the beach," I suppose that people would imagine a beach towel and a tranquil sea. It's not that I'm against tranquil seas. Or beach towels. It's just that I'd prefer them in the context of wildness.


  1. It's interesting that you say that, because in many ways I consider you a paragon of the Californian species of human. I always thought one of the beauties of California is that it's a repository of all those who have been elsewhere. A little like the New York melting pot but with softer edges and more absorbent, open. It's a generalization, sure. But I do think it's a resting place for a lot of wandering spirits, for people who are looking for something better, for new beginning, for acceptance, from West Coast lifestyle (whatever that means, maybe sushi, salads, yoga, open restaurants, open the religions, the end of an open road, etc.). In some ways this is how I see you, resilient, open, strong and self assured from your experiences and wanderings yet neither calloused nor defensive. :-)

  2. Interesting, different people's impressions about a place, eh? I think when I think "Californian" I'm still thinking "southern coastal Californian" which is ridiculous really. I'm thinking blonde, leggy women who hang out on the beach. That's just crazy! I don't think anyone I know here fits that description AT ALL.

    Thanks for the kind things you said about me at the end. I'm realizing lately how self-assured I indeed am, and also at the same time how internally I often feel the opposite of self-assured.

    Thanks for reading, friend.